Student Testimonials

A lot of care goes into planning your time at Miss Vera’s academy. We are grateful to all of our students who take the time to give us feedback on their experiences on campus or after reading my books. Here are a few of their notes.


Bianca 8

I just needed to thank you. I had an absolutely fabulous day. For weeks I had been thinking up every possible reason why I should cancel, including that good old Catholic guilt that this was not something one should do. I was scared to death. But my experience was wonderful and I am so glad that I did it.

Until yesterday, I was really just a hairy guy in a dress. Only my wife had seen me like that. I would usually stay dressed for a few minutes, and then I was done. Y'all just made me feel so special. From the beginning, you treated me with respect. Once I arrived at the Academy, I didn't have a second thought more...

Chrissy Sue

Each time one of our students follows up her visit with a thank-you note to the deans and I, we are thrilled. But student Chrissy Sue (born Jim) has blown our minds with her memoir, Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are. I have heard many students tell me that their visit to our academy was a life-changing experience. Chrissy Sue offers proof in 300 well-written pages, that take us through her sad boyhood, experience as a proud marine, and more, prior to her MVA enrollment. She gives details of her femme intensives and what she learned from them – her first flowers and her de-flowering, her presentation at the Imperial Court Ball, her supporters and those who tried to bring her down. This is not a list of “what I wore” though she does tell us. This is a story of growth and joy, just as I wish for all of you. As I write this Chrissy Sue is attending the Fantasia Fair conference in Provincetown, Mass. where she hosts a daily breakfast for the new attendees, some of whom are scared stiff. She’s paying it forward. I’m so proud of my friend Chrissy Sue and grateful to her for this amazing gift that she has presented to me, to our deans, and to you when you read her story. Click here to find out more and to get an autographed copy from the author herself.

Dear Miss Vera,

…I would like to once more express my undying gratitude to you, for the selfless work you have done for us humble (and not so humble) transgendered folks. I’m sure you've heard something of this sort before, but I simply must say, once more, how I have always had this anima inside me, but it was only when I read Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls that I had language to express the feelings and desires within me, and learned of ways to act upon them, as I knew I must, or break down entirely. It is because of you and your books that I had the courage to transition, and to come out to my family. It is because of you that I am involved with the Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane, where I have so many dear friends, and can do so much real good.

In many, many real ways, you have given me my life.

Thank you so much.

Megan Madison

Hi Miss Vera,

I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday. Although I was anxious to come in, I was a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect. After meeting you and your staff, I could not have had a better experience… Although I loved the makeup and the outfits, I must say the highlight of the class was the little sitdown chats that we had. You made me feel so comfortable. I felt like I knew you for 10 years. I honestly felt like we were two girlfriends chatting about everything and anything. I never talk to anyone about my dressing. I just felt extremely comfortable with you. To be honest I consider you like a friend…

Once again, thanks for everything!

Love always,


…This was, quite probably Veronica, the best experience of my life.

Yours truly,

Jamie Sissyribbons

Dear Miss Vera,

Thank you so very much for a great day and a great class. And thanks again for transforming Tomi. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful you are. I have learned so much from you and your staff.

The make-up session was great. The voice lesson was immensely helpful. The videos are an invaluable idea, because now I can go over all the steps and see myself transformed.

I will have to practice everything I was taught and that will take awhile… I believe you are quite an interesting person, and that there is much I must learn.

Miss Vera, give my best to Miss Kate, Miss Deborah and Miss Judy and thank them for their time and patience.

Cherchez la femme.


Tomi, 1999

Dear Miss Vera,

The experience that I had with you was overwhelming. I am writing to thank you and all the deans in the school for all your help and expertise.

You have a most outstanding school and my visit has been extraordinary. It has helped me in so many ways. I will start by complimenting Miss Deborah. What an outstanding person in expertise and empathy…

I clearly need more work on my posture, stance and walk. Miss Maryanne was great at showing me the challenges ahead.

I remember every moment of our trip to the nail salon. I can see that the attractions of the salon outweigh the tricky problems when you “do it yourself.”

The shopping trip was fabulous. I have now had a few opportunities to check my purchases and they are all great. The night out with Miss Tiger and Miss Topaz was wonderful, my first times out at a restaurant and a night club. It was lovely when a young guy hit on me while dancing.

The new wigs have expanded my feminine horizons so much. They are fabulous. Please thank Miss Shannon for me. She knows her wigs so well. My favorite is the red - with the long honey blonde a close second. Her prices were extraordinarily reasonable. The sensuality seminar under your careful tutelage was a total pleasure and every second is etched in my memory.

You have a fabulous team. You are a great and intelligent leader and I intend to return to your school again. I will finish by again offering my most sincere thanks to all of you.



Dear Veronica,

I’m sorry this letter is late, but right after my visit to your academy, I went fishing. Many thanks to you and the girls for everything. It was so good, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Love and kisses,


Dear Miss Vera,

Many frantically wave the baton in hopes of leading the orchestra passably through a preexisting composition. Some even brilliantly improvise on the already obvious score. But, a rare few are able to transform the unseen inner symphony into substantive reality.

Great job, my maestro!


(The following note was written inside a card that showed a photo of Hillary Clinton on the cover with the balloon phrase “Scientists have discovered a hormone that, when injected into a man doubles his I.Q..” Inside it read, “It’s called estrogen.”)

Dear Veronica,

I just wanted to write to thank you for taking care of my husband, aka Joanna Rosalita Starr on “her” recent trip to New York. I know it was truly a dream come true for Jo and I appreciate the tremendous moral and physical support provided by your and your deans.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in Jo’s education in the future.

Sincerely yours,


My Dear Miss Vera,

How can I ever thank you and the Deans under whom I studied for one of the most enjoyable and thoroughly excitable afternoons of my femmeself life, as well as the real life of my mentor. I wish it were possible for me to have languished there forever in your collective hands, as a resident of your wonderful and caring Academy. You made me so-o-o-o beautiful, so-o-o-o feminine and so-o-o-o pleased and happy. Your selection of my make-up, my undies, my hairdo; my jewelry, my perfume; my exquisitely beautiful and modestly feminine fancy dress and my heeled pumps was gemological. I felt surrounded by the aura of a gorgeous pastel pink heaven…

I loved my corseting. I had no idea that such a lovely female figure was hidden beneath my outer peripherals. And after all of this, I could never have dreamed of the scintillating and out of this world effect of my female sexual energy class. This conservative and proper librarian could never imagine the complete surrendering of her femmeself psyche that would ensue as the beautiful ceremony unfolded. Oh my word!

Everything was an experience that I shall thoroughly treasure and hopefully repeat in the not too distant future. Again, thank you all so much and Miss Vera, please don’t forget that I am the first to buy your book. I’m looking forward to soon receiving my copy autographed to “Dear Student Evelyn. With love always.” Hopefully you’ll mail it in a plain wrapper.

With forever grateful love to you all, I am sincerely,

Evelyn D.

Dear Miss Vera,

Thank you, Miss Vera, Miss Maria and Miss Judy for providing me with the wonderful view of my feminine self and helping me with my feminine name. All of you were so caring and giving that I truly felt like one of the girls. I can honestly say, your academy is the best and only place to learn how to be a woman. Once I got over my initial nervousness, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I want to go further next time in preparation for going out dressed. Miss Maria did a superb job on my makeup, looking at the pictures, it is hard to tell that I am not a real woman. I get really hot and horny looking at my feminine self. Miss Judy provided some useful insight into talking as a woman. I know that my voice has a long way to go before it can pass in public. I really fell that once my feminine voice is right, I will be ready to go out in public. Miss Vera, I have never had a more rewarding class.

Hugs and Kisses,


I am very interested in attending your school. 2 day intensive. Just read Vera’s book that she published in 1997. Fabulous work and a monumental contribution to society. Thank you.

Ginger - February, 2011