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Welcome to 2018! At this 25th anniversary year of our wonderful academy, I want to celebrate “The Miss Vera Method” by presenting a simplified version of our curriculum that focuses on the basics and promotes your personal growth. If you would like to receive news as it happens, we invite you to join our mailing list.

Individual Classes

Group Classes

Couples Coaching

Femme Essentials - 6 hours

Femme Essentials

What we cover:

  1. Dedication ritual. Short chat with Miss Vera. 20 minutes.*
  2. Body sculpting. Choosing the right size breast forms and booty to fit your frame and your desires. Tucking into a gaff. We take your new measurements. Finding your shoe size. 30 minutes.
  3. Slipping into lingerie. 10 minutes.
  4. Cosmetic transformation. You can learn to do your own make-up or have it done. You will learn the colors and products that work best for your complexion. Complete with nails, press-ons or polish 90 minutes.
  5. Wig options. Blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Silver? We’ll try on a bunch with different lengths and styles and take a photo of you in each one. Then we’ll all vote along with you to pick our favorite 30 minutes.
  6. Dressing in outfit #1. One complete look, or more. Photos. 30 minutes.
  7. Walking, Sitting, Posing. Photos. 40 minutes.
  8. Voice. 40 minutes.
  9. Chat with Miss Vera. Sex Education. Reviews from the deans. 30 minutes.

*All times are approximate.

Souvenir photos and videos are included.

Tuition: $1,386 - 6 hours

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Want MORE? - Female Development - 8 hours

Female Development

Everything in Femme Essentials plus an additional two hours for a field trip such as shopping, tea or cocktails, or a professional photo shoot, or inviting your partner to meet with Miss Vera and the new YOU.

Taxis are included. Restaurant meals and drinks, venue entrance fees (for you and your accompanying deans) are not included. Shopping purchases are not included, but we love to help you shop for beautiful bargains!

Note: If you need to book for 6 hours, but still would like some time outdoors, this can be arranged, just let me know and together we will adjust your schedule.

Tuition: $1,584 - 8 hours

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Need LESS? - Femme Express - 3 hours

Femme Express

This is all about finding your look. If you’re a budget conscious beauty or if you’re schedule doesn’t permit 6 hours, this option is for you! This package is for girls who want to see themselves for the very first time or find a new look.

Souvenir photos and videos are included.

Tuition: $645 - 3 hours

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Miss Vera’s Group Class Offerings For Serious Students of Any Gender

Amazing Grace: “How to Walk In High Heels” plus Pretty in Pictures: “How to Pose for Photos”

No one is born with the knowledge of how to walk in high heels; that's why Miss Vera's Academy is here to help. We want you to achieve that mesmerizing quality that comes when you enter a room with a confident stride.Our deans, Miss Julia and Miss Maryanne are able to take the mystery out of walking and posing. We deconstruct your strut.

You can book a private class or form your own group. Perfect, if you need to get ready for the prom or your wedding. Why not book for yourself and your bridal party. Classes are booked by appointment. Tuition depends on the number of students in your group (up to 6). A group class may consist of serious students of any gender. Skirts and dresses, preferred; slacks are permitted (as long as they are fastened so we can see your ankles)...Lessons are 55 minutes in duration.

For Miss Vera's students photos are cherished souvenirs of time spent with us, as well as proof positive of inner beauty brought forth. Our girls love their photos. How do you feel about having your picture taken? Are you confused about which is your best angle, your better side, whether to keep your chin up or chin down, show teeth or keep lips closed.. There are so many options, but which ones work for you? "Sitting Pretty: How to Pose for Photos" is the lesson that answers these questions and more. This lesson, too, is offered as a private or a group class. Your instructor is Miss Julia.

For a complete information sheet including fees for lessons in "Amazing Grace", please email , subject: "Amazing Grace."

Walking class in session Walking class in session
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Spouses and Significant Others

Are you the wife or significant other (s.o.) whose man loves to wear a dress? There is so much more understood about the transgender phenomenon and crossdressing than was known at the time I created my academy. I encourage you not to live in the dark ages. Whether you crossdress or are the partner of someone who does, I can help.

Many individuals who enroll have never shared this part of themselves with anyone. About 60% are married. When I ask if they share their crossdressing with their wives or partners, they will say, “No” or “My partner knows but she (or he) doesn’t want to know.” In other words, there is much fear and often anger. I believe that often a partner has not been given the chance to understand. Until now, I have said, it is my job to help our students to understand themselves, so that when they are ready to share this part of themselves, they can do so from a place of confidence and awareness. But often our gurls put that goal on the back burner, preferring to enjoy their dressing in secret, keeping us as their confidantes. I do honor everyone’s privacy. That is very important. But I also respect the trust that is essential to maintaining deep relationship or creating a new one. In recent years the number of significant others who accompany their crossdressing partners to the academy has increased. I love working with these couples. A student who attends the academy with the knowledge of his partner is bound to have a more enjoyable experience. Here are some of the topics covered in consultations with individuals or couples who would like help in sharing with a partner:

Would you like your own beauty make-over? We can do that too. Would you like to discover your cross-gender self? We can help you!

In addition, in 2007 at the party of a friend, I met a terrific guy who I quickly learned was a crossdresser. I emphasize this man was not my student because, much like any other teacher or therapist, I don’t think it is a good practice to date my students. We hit it off and have been together as a couple for 4 years. Being with Stu aka Misty Madison has given me even more insight into the lives of couples. I hope you will avail yourselves of my services because I know I can help, perhaps better than anyone.

In my book, Miss Vera’s Cross-Dress for Success, A Resource Guide For Boys Who Want to Be Girls, you will find a chapter, “The School For Wives”, written just for you. That’s a good place to start. My new book, Miss Vera’s Cross Gender Fun For All, is especially for you and your partner.

Feel free to send me your questions in care of or join our mailing list. And thanks again for visiting.

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