Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to the academy?

Because it is fun. Your femmeself is there for a reason. She is the personification of your needs. She is the uninhibited part of you. The more you nourish her and let her be your guide, the more you will learn about yourself. At Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, we believe that in putting the clothes in the closet and letting the girl out, we can help you to be a happier, healthier and more loving human being.

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What qualifications are you looking for in a student?

An upbeat attitude and the desire to explore!

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What can I learn at the academy?

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How often do I come for class?

The amount of time you spend at Miss Vera's Finishing School depends on your needs and desires. You may come for only one class or you may continue your education.

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What are the courses offered?

We currently offer the following courses:

  1. Miracle Miss
  2. Dining Debutante
  3. Campus Co-Ed
  4. Girl On The Go
  5. Modeling Assignment
  6. Maid To Order
  7. Femme Intensive

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Who are my teachers?

Each department in the academy is supervised by one or more deans, each of whom is an expert in her field. Miss Vera oversees the entire curriculum.

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Does a “class” mean that I am taught with other students?

All classes are totally private unless otherwise announced. A class usually consists of Miss Vera, you and the appropriate deans.

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Are there opportunities to meet other students?

The academy sometimes organizes group events such as pajama parties during which you can meet your sorority sisters. At times a class may be organized for a group, such as ballet one and tu-tu. We also participate in several galas throughout the year.

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What is your policy regarding privacy?

Miss Vera’s Finishing School has received much publicity over the years because we are very good at what we do and we love to do it. We can turn you into a glamorous covergirl, if you choose. However most of our students prefer to be very discreet and we honor that privacy.

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What is the atmosphere at the academy?

Our main campus is a beautiful studio that is totally, positively and permanently pink. You are surrounded by photos and sculptures that honor the female. Music created by women fills the air. And of course, there are lots of frocks and coiffs, perfumes, powders and pumps.

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Can my wife accompany me to the academy?

Wives and partners are invited to audit your class, usually at little or no additional fee. A letter of application written by your partner should accompany your application and we will want to speak with her via telephone.

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How can I study at home?

I realize that there are many of you out there who would like desperately to enroll at Miss Vera’s Academy but for various reasons cannot make it to our door. Now you can study via email and personal telephone call with the deans and I. To participate you will be required to have in your possession a copy of each of my books: Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls and Miss Vera’s Crossdress for Success. These will be your main textbooks. I’m very proud of them and they are vital to your evolution and progress as a gender explorer and future femme fatale. As a Home Study student, you, too, will be a vital member of Miss Vera’s Finishing School student body and receive my personal attention. To receive complete details via return email, please email and put “Home Study” in the subject line. Cherchez la femme!

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How can I earn a diploma?

Miss Vera’s is the one school from which you may never want to graduate. However we do confer certificates of achievement when you have completed courses to the satisfaction of your teachers.

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Can I make changes in my studies?

The curriculum is always personalized, so you may proceed at a more rapid or a slower pace. With my permission as your academic advisor, you may concentrate on some areas more than others. Souvenir photos are part of each class unless the student chooses otherwise. FemIntensives work well for students who matriculate from out of town. All students may add to their education through the completion of extra credit assignments that result in merit badges and certificates of achievement such as: the Margaret Mead research award, the Isadora Duncan movement award, the Betty Crocker cooking crown, the Diana Vreeland fashion certificate, the Simone de Beauvoir philosophy prize, the Maria Callas Diva diploma, the Amy Vanderbilt etiquette award.

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Are there options for shorter or longer stays?

Yes, we will customize your curriculum to accommodate considerations of time and pocketbook. See our list of course descriptions.

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What does my tuition include?

Tuitions are fees for the deans and academy operating expenses. Items such as theater tickets, dinners out and, of course, your new outfits, are not included.

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What is your policy regarding deposits?

A 50% deposit is required on all classes. Your deposit entitles you to reschedule a class once, provided you give us 48 hours notice. Exceptions will be made in case of extraordinary circumstances.

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Do you offer scholarships?

There are a number of ways you may attend the academy at a discounted rate, or even for free. Our “pretty penny policy” allows you and a girlfriend to save 25% on your joint class. Also, we are often in need of models to help promote the academy in various media, tv, magazines, etc. This usually requires that you be willing to go from male to female on camera. To be considered for this opportunity, you must fill out the enrollment application and send it to us along with your $20 enrollment fee and your photo (in male drab) to

Miss Vera, 85 Eighth Avenue Studio 3B New York, NY 10011

Mark "model applicant" on top of your enrollment form. There is no travel budget, so you must live in the NY area or be able to get yourself here. In return your day at the academy will be absolutely free and you will receive souvenir photos or video or both depending on your modeling assignment.

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A FemIntensive sounds fantastic, what is it?

The FemIntensive is a dream come true Cinderfella experience. Students, particularly those from out of town may choose at any time to pursue their studies over the course of two or more consecutive days. During your FemIntensive we start in the morning and spend a twelve hour day full of classes. A good part of that time may be spent going off campus to beauty salons, shopping, night clubs, restaurants, theatres, etc. Miss Vera's girls go everywhere. The student usually stays at a guest house located very near the academy. We decorate your room prior to your arrival to suit your femmeself. Except for a short walk to the academy each morning, you are en femme all during your stay.

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I have additional questions, may I call or email prior to submitting my application?

We prefer that you send your application first in order to show you are serious, willing to follow instructions, and respectful of our time. It is also helpful to have that information in front of us even in our initial chat.

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I just need to talk to someone, sometimes, so I don’t feel so alone. Can you help?

We are in the process of updating our links page and will include chat sites and forums. You can also post a question on our Facebook page.

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I’m nervous about giving my real name, or using my credit card. How can I make payments discreetly?

You can open a PayPal account and deposit money into it. You will need to give PayPal your name and banking info, but the user name you choose for this account can be anything you like.Then send us money via PayPal using a PayPal check. When we receive your payment, it will show only the user name on your PayPal account. Please note that these PayPal checks take longer to clear (7-10 business days) than credit card payments, so if you are using this method to send your class deposit, it will need to clear prior to your class appointment.

Or, you may send us cash via snail mail. For class deposits and all larger amounts, please send via a method that is trackable.

Or, If you appear in person for your preliminary consultation, you may pay in cash and enroll under any name with which you are comfortable.

That said, please remember, your privacy is always respected.

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What is the best way to send fees from abroad?

Students living abroad send us fees via Western Union (very efficient and fast), International Express Mail, FEDEX, as well as via wire into our bank account. If you are going to use any of these methods, please email for further instructions.

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May I purchase clothing from Miss Vera’s Academy?

At present, the only items we sell at MVA are wigs thru Miss Shannon our dean of do’s. However, we can purchase items for you ahead of time. We can also take you shopping in drab or en femme, a terrific experience.

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Do I need to bring my own clothes and accessories?

We have everything you need right here. However, many of our students have their own wardrobes and like to bring them for a critique. It is always fun for us to see what you have purchased. Some of you have such excellent taste. Others definitely need lots of guidance, but that is why we are here.

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Are there other ways I can stay connected with Miss Vera’s Finishing School besides classes?

  1. Read Miss Vera’s books.
  2. Sign on to our private mailing list to receive newsletters and updates.
  3. Join us on Facebook.
  4. Follow us on Twitter.
  5. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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