Media Policy

Miss Vera’s Finishing School is grateful for the journalists, producers and media outlets who have supported our efforts with documentation. Dr. Veronica Vera is happy to accommodate you with interviews as her schedule permits. We can also supply some photos and videos to illustrate your story. If you would like to shoot new photos or video for your project, we expect that you will work with us to accommodate the privacy needs of some of our students. We also require an access fee to cover use of the studio and participation of any faculty members required in the shoot. That fee will depend on amount of time and personnel involved. Thank you so much for your interest in the work of Miss Vera’s academy.

To contact us, email .

Amazing Grace: How to Walk, Sit and Pose in High Heels - A Walking Class for All Women

These integrated group walking classes are a delightful addition to Miss Vera’s academy curriculum. A unique and enlightening experience for all. more...

Spouses and Significant Others

Are you the wife or significant other (s.o.) whose man loves to wear a dress? There is so much more understood about the transgender phenomenon and crossdressing than was known at the time I created my academy. I encourage you not to live in the dark ages. Whether you crossdress or are the partner of someone who does, I can help. more...